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578. SS501 PIMP POST

S S 5 0 1

To commemorate SS501's Korean Comeback, I present you with a SS501 Pimp Post! What's better than celebrating your long-awaited comeback with an influx of new fans amirite? And hopefully with post I can finally have more fans to spaz with me about these lovely boys because they are awesome and deserve love too. ♥

Okay so if there's one thing Korea is known for, it's for giving us all these amazing boy bands, ie H.O.T., Shinhwa, DBSK, Super Junior, and so on. And just one of these awesome boy bands is a group called SS501 (pronounced Double S 5-0-1) who is just as awesome as all the others. They are currently signed to DSP Entertainment.

Obviously there are five of them; Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jungmin, and Hyung Joon. Their name stands for "Super Star" and the 501 represents all five members becoming one (so you know that DSP would never fuck around with the member count unlike another agency :x). BUT ANYWAY. They are awesome. Their music is fjdskfjdzkls GOOD. They can all sing and dance really well. They're super fun to watch on variety shows and clips and they're all such dorks. They are collectively prettier than DBSK and they probably have the best hair out of all the boy bands ever. Srsly. They're the only boy band I've seen where EVERYONE will have nice hair at the same time (not always of course 'cause that's impossible for any group). And yeah.

Learning them can be sort of difficult because they all kind of have similar names. There's a KIM HYUN JOONG and a KIM HYUNG JOON which tends to confuse the crap out of most people. I'm probably the ONLY ONE WHO WASN'T CONFUSED BY THIS amazingly. And a lot of people seem to have trouble remembering/pronouncing Korean names even though it's like super easy for me and I can't even speak Korean. DDDD: MAYBE I WATCH TOO MANY KDRAMAS/VARIETY SHOWS OR STH. But that's kind of besides the point. The confusing name thing will be discussed in more detail later.

Now, onto the boys.

m e m b e r s ;

So I was going to throw links to clips and stuff in here, but ugh too lazy. Go youtube them yourself. D: They were all biased to a certain two anyway. >>

POSITION Leader, middle-low vocals
BIRTHATE June 6, 1986
HEIGHT 180 cm
WEIGHT 68 kg
INTERESTS swimming, health, basketball, soccer
TALENTS playing the guitar, piano, dancing
Okay, even if Hyun Joong isn't your favorite, I don't think you can deny that he's the most absolutely drop dead sexy and gorgeous one of the group. Srsly. He's gorgeous. And looks awesome with just about every hair color; black, brown, blond (and why yes that is him with Brain Joo who I love too ♥), he works them all~ Though I personally prefer blond on him because it's beautiful and I tend to have a thing for hot Asians with blond hair (Jaejoong, Heechul, Kyu Hyun, Han Geng, etc). But anyway, back to Hyun Joong. He's called Leader because of how similar his name is to the youngest of the group, Hyung Joon and he's the leader. But Leader is awesome. He pretty much has the best personality ever. He's dorky, adorable, hilarious, awesome, is really good at pwning people, tries to lie his ass off when caught pranking and so on and just seems to be a like a really fun person to hang out with. And Lee Hyori even picked him as the person she'd most want to vacation with! That's how awesome he is. ♥ I don't remember where I read this either, but apparently Lee Hyori also told a story about how one time Hyun Joong got so drunk that he was talking to statues rofl. XD Ilu Hyun Joong. ♥ He's also kind of innocent. Like on YSMM, Brain Joo was talking about how in America you can sell sperm for money and Leader is just kind of lost on what he's going on about. Brian turns to him and goes, "You really don't know?" and Leader shakes his head so Brian tells him .... and then when he realizes it what it he's all, "Why would you sell such things?" and everyone laughs at him. XD SO CUTE. ♥ In addition to having a personality that's made of win, Leader is also really talented. He can play guitar! He can sing and dance! He has a really, really nice voice and while it's not as powerful as others like Young Saeng's or Jungmin's, it's still pretty and I like listening to it. And this is my opinion, but I think he's the best dancer of the group despite him saying he doesn't really like it in an interview or sth.

edit; I no longer stan this fucking disgusting asshole in light of his assault case.
POSITION High vocals
BIRTHATE November 3, 1986
ZODIAC Scorpio
HEIGHT 178 cm
WEIGHT 63 kg
INTERESTS games, basketball, music appreciation
TALENTS playing the piano
Young Saeng actually used to be a former trainee under SM Entertainment before he left their sorry ass for DSP and joined SS501 instead! >D ♥ I think that's awesome and I'm super glad he did, or I probably wouldn't even be writing this post in the first place. Anyway. Young Saeng is hands-down the best singer of the group, even though he's not my favorite singer (we'll get to this later). He has a really really really gorgeous voice and omg it's amazing. Srsly. Once you start listening to their songs you'll know right away when he's singing because his voice is really high and awesome and powerful. Nothing but love for his voice right here. ♥ He's also one of the more reserved/quiet ones of the group, but that doesn't mean he's not awesome! He can be just as dorky and fun and cute as the rest of them. And because Young Saeng was a former trainee of SM, it's said that he's still really good friends with Jaejoong and some others, so you fandom war idiots can get lost. Also. Young Saeng also had some throat condition which required to be operated on leaving the group inactive for most of 2006, but he's ttly fine now. :D ♥
POSITION Middle vocals
BIRTHATE February 24, 1987
HEIGHT 181 cm
WEIGHT 65 kg
INTERESTS music appreciation, basketball, reading
TALENTS preforming magic
Kyu Jong is the nicest one of the group and a total sweetheart. ♥ He's the good boy and the most responsible of the group, ie being the first one to wake up every time and help wake up his other bandmates with Park Kyung Lim and even objecting to pranks the others want to pull that they just kind of ignore rofl. He isn't as hyper as Hyun Joong, Jungmin, or Hyung Joon, but he's still very adorable and cute. He sleeps with a life-sized teddy bear at night which is just about the cutest thing ever. He also likes to .... preform magic tricks. Yes you read that right. He does magic, and I even think he did some tricks during one of their concerts Kyu Jong you nerd! XD, I can't really remember. Anyway. He also has a very nice voice also. And his rapping in Destiny is just fdsjklfjdslkhot. Okay I'm kind of running out of things to say here, but he is by no means boring. He's cute and adorable and my third favorite member. (Did I already make my first obvious? 8D; Second place is actually next up!) And guys, he's hot.
POSITION Low vocals
BIRTHATE April 3, 1987
HEIGHT 181 cm
WEIGHT 67 kg
INTERESTS lyrics-composing
TALENTS tap dancing
So. Jungmin. He likes to call himself "Sexy Charisma Jungmin" and for good reason. The other members just kind of laugh at him for it, BUT I HAVE TO AGREE WITH HIM. He's totally sexy and charismatic omg. First off, he's gorgeous and the second prettiest in the group right after Leader. He's also really talkative and outgoing and just charming. Srsly. There is no way you cannot like Jungmin. He's just awesome. I lovelovelove his personality. He's also the one you wouldn't want to piss off. Like Hyun Joong is pretty much impossible to wake up, but Jungmin will VIOLENTLY SLAUGHTER anyone who tries to wake him up, hitting, kicking, and even biting I think (The other members even refuse to sleep with him! But Kyu Jong is a total sweetie and eventually gives in). He also has a long face and since he really does have a natural liking for carrots, the other members call him horse ... and ttly just neigh and whicker at him and feed him carrots. But besides all that he can really really really sing and I'm absolutely in love with his voice. It's just very deep and sexy and powerful and fdsjkfjsdlkLOVE. He only has the second best voice (Young Saeng's is technically better) but he's my favorite voice. If I could pick someone to serenade me every night, I'd pick him. Srsly I love his voice as much as Hye Sung's and Jaejoong's, so you know it has to be good. His lines almost always amaze because of how strong his voice is. ♥
POSITION Middle-high vocals
BIRTHATE August 3, 1987
HEIGHT 181 cm
WEIGHT 66 kg
INTERESTS lyrics-composing
TALENTS swimming
Hyung Joon is the baby of the group and since his name is very similar to that of Hyun Joong, fandom has pretty much dubbed him Baby, to which he will be referred to as henceforth unless I just feel like calling him by name. Anyway. Since he's the youngest, the other members like to dote on him, and by dote on, I mean abuse. But it's all done lovingly and it's very cute ie when THEY PRANK BABY ON HIS BIRTHDAY AND MAKE HIM CRY BUT END UP SURPRISING HIM WITH A CAKE, which makes him cry even more. Awwwww. Isn't that just adorable? There have also been other instances where they made Baby cry, but I'm not recalling them atm. >> But moving on. Baby is adorable. He's one of the more outgoing and friendly ones of the group. He likes to talk and calls a lot of attention to himself. He used to be my third favorite, until Kyu Jong won me over with his adorableness, but he's still awesome either way. Being the baby of the group, Hyung Joon is also a huge scaredy-cat. No rly. It took him like thirty minutes to complete this haunted course thing where it took Hyun Joong only four minutes. XD But that's the kind of person he is. Outgoing, friendly, and a total wuss who's easy to pick on rofl.

d i s c o g r a p h y ;


RELEASE DATE; 2005.06.25
GENRE; Pop, Dance, Ballad
LABEL; DSP Entertainment
BUY IT; yesasia | dvdheaven

01. Warning
02. Passion
03. Never again
04. Take u high
05. Everything
06. Everything (Instrumental)


Anyone else think that cover looks incredibly cheap? Their debut single! Warning and Passion are my favorite songs on here. They're just catchy. Never Again is a really pretty ballad. Take u high is kind of weird. Idk. Everything is also just another pretty ballad. I don't really have much to say about this lol.


RELEASE DATE; 2005.12.10
LABEL; DSP Entertainment
BUY IT; yesasia | dvdheaven

01. 하얀사람 (White Man)
02. My Girl
03. Snow Prince
04. In Your Smile
05. Fighter


Tbh, this single is kind of boring lol. I do love Snow Prince and Fighter though. Snow Prince is just a really cute and nice song to listen to and love. On the other hand, Fighter has a very rock-ish edge to it and is probably one of my favorite SS501 songs ever. It's amazing omg. Listen to it! Or watch the MV at least because it's fhdsjkfjdaklHOT. The other songs are just okay rofl. Try them out if you want though, you might like them. :D

S.T 01 NOW;

RELEASE DATE; 2006.11.14
GENRE; Pop, Rock, Dance, Ballad, AWESOME
LABEL; DSP Entertainment
BUY IT; yesasia | dvdheaven

01. Existence
02. Four Chance
03. Unlock
04. Again
05. Stand By Me
06. Sky
07. 겁쟁이 (Coward)
08. Man
09. Hana
10. Confession (서툰고백)
11. Bye Bye
12. Radio Star
13. Wings of the World
14. Warning (경고) (Remix Version)
15. Unlock (Heavy Edition Feat. 김세황)


faskjdasjla; If you're going to DL one thing from this post, DL this! It's an amazing first album way better than DBSK's first album. There isn't really a song on here that I actually dislike. And even if a song doesn't appeal to me much, I still like listening to it just to hear the boys' pretty vocals. ♥ Favorites are definitely Existence, Four Chance, and Unlock. They're just edgy and hot and fdsjfhdsj. Usually during more upbeat/edgy songs it's harder to hear an artist's real vocal ability but I think the boys' voices still shine during their faster songs which is one of the reasons why I love them (see Jungmin's "You'll never crryyyyy" line during Unlock just fdsjfsdklwow omg ♥). And even though I'm not really a ballad person, I love listening to Again just so I can hear how gorgeous their voices are. Reallyreally. I also really like Coward, Man, Hana, Bye Bye, .. OH HECK the whole album is just nice listening. Even the remixes. So. DL THIS!


RELEASE DATE; 2007.08.01
LANGUAGE; Japanese
LABEL; Pony Canyon
BUY IT; yesasia | cdjapan

01. Kokoro
03. Alice
04. Kokoro (Instrumental)
05. BE A STAR (instrumental)
06. Alice (instrumental)


IDC WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS, I LOVE KOKORO. ♥ It might be typical generic Jpop, but I really like it. XD It's just incredibly catchy and I can put it on repeat for hours. Lovelovelove. I can't really say the same for the other songs though. I don't rly like BE A STAR, and Alice is alright I guess.

Distance ~ Kimi to no Kyori;

RELEASE DATE; 2007.9.19
LANGUAGE; Japanese
LABEL; Pony Canyon
BUY IT; yesasia | cdjapan

01. Distance ~ Kimi to no Kyori (君とのキョリ)
02. Gleaming Star
03. Yowamushi ~ Okubyou na Boku (弱虫~臆病な僕)
04. Distance ~ Kimi to no Kyori (Instrumental) (君とのキョリ)
05. Gleaming Star (Instrumental)
06. Yowamushi ~ Okubyou na Boku (Instrumental) (弱虫~臆病な僕)


This debuted at #5 on the oricon charts and ended up placing 9th for the week! Which is awesome for a new artist and not to mention I think they were up against Ayumi, Tohoshinki, and some other people I can't remember right now? But yeah. Unfortunately I don't Distance ~ Kimi to no Kyori (君とのキョリ) as much as Kokoro. It's not a bad song and I actually kind of like it, but uhh something is a little off? I think they made Leader go too high. And there's something about Jungmin's voice I'm not quite feeling which is weird because he ALWAYS sounds awesome. Gleaming Star is just another ballad, and not nearly as powerful as some of their other ones. As for Yowamushi ~ Okubyou na Boku (弱虫~臆病な僕), I think it's just a Japanese remix of Coward and uhhh, the Korean version sounds much better. XD


RELEASE DATE; 2007.10.24
LANGUAGE; Japanese
LABEL; Pony Canyon
BUY IT; yesasia | cdjapan

01. LIVE!
02. Distance ~ Kimi to no Kyori (君とのキョリ)
03. 4Chance (Watch Game)
04. Honto ni Sukidatta (ホントに好きだった)
06. Again
07. Boundless
08. Butterfly
09. Always and Forever
10. Sunset (サンセット)
11. Kokoro


So uh, my favorite song on the entire album is Kokoro. XD Yes, I love that song that much. That, and the other songs aren't as good. I love SS501 and while this album isn't horrible, it just didn't impress me that much. I think it may have been due to their awkward Japanese or sth. I know they're capable of so much better and I kind of want to kill their song writer now for making such poor choices in songs. But yeah. LIVE! is a poppy upbeat song, 4Chance and Again are just Japanese remakes of two of their Korean songs which sound better in their mother tongue, Honto ni Sukidatta (ホントに好きだった) and Always and Forever and nice ballads with questionable Japanese, and I think the rest are just upbeat songs. And yeah, I'm not painting a very good picture of this album but it's really not that bad! All the tracks are still pretty listenable (DID I JUST MAKE UP A WORD) for me.


RELEASE DATE; 2008.3.11
GENRE; Pop, Dance, AMAZING ♥
LABEL; DSP Entertainment
BUY IT; yesasia | dvdheaven

01. 데자뷰
02. 널 부르는 노래
03. Destiny


FJKSDLFJKDLFJDKLJFDLKGLKDFJL FSDJKLJKFLSMCFLKSFJ SFJKLFJ OMG. ♥ This single is unbelievably amazing. I am completely and utterly in love with every single track on here. Srsly. They're just so good and hot and ugh. I can't even pick a favorite because they're are just so equally hot and awesome. But they are all my new favorite SS501 songs. BEST COMEBACK SONGS EVER. Way to go boys. I knew you wouldn't disappoint me! :D ♥ This is probably the best single I've heard in my life ever. No fake. DL THIS RIGHT NOW!

p v s ;

First off, let me apologize for the extremely shitty caps. Unfortunately I'm not a photoshop pro and can't magically turn ugly caps pretty like some others can. D: They were an ass to work with too. See if I ever cap anything and then attempt to edit it again omg.

Also, some of the MF links are split into two parts because they were too big so uh, be aware of that. And sorry if mediafire kills any of my links since it just loves doing that. Some of them are even uploaded to Div Share instead because MF kept deleting them. >>


Their first MV! I don't have much to say about other than I think everyone looks kind of lolarious and it's probably low budget rofl.


A cute MV in which they dance in front of panel of judges consisting of pretty girls for ... idk why. But it's adorable anyway. ♥


fhdjkfdkzlfm Probably one of their hottest PVs. Can't you tell by the screencap? I love this PV and this song even more omg. ♥ It's just very intense and in your face and amazing.



ONE OF MY FAVORITE SS501 PVS EVER. ♥ It's probably on of the hottest videos I've ever seen in my life. Let's see there's hot leather outfits, motorcycles, paint, and blond!Leader. Doesn't it sound awesome already? DL it! Don't let my shitty screencap fool you, it's amazingly hot. ♥



This is their sexy PV! And like all sexy PVs, they dance in a club. But it's really sdfjklfjdslkfeslk hot. I want to kill their choreographer though. The boys can actually dance, but oh God is the choreography horrible. DSP, plz to be getting better choreographers for the boys. Srsly. You too JE. But other than that the PV is awesome and I'm in love with it. ♥ Plus, Leader is blond!



Their cute MV! This all about them trying to catch the attention of a girl all while skiing, having pillow fights in their pajamas, throwing snowballs at each other, singing with their lovely voices, and abusing Baby at the end. And I've just given more than enough reason to go DL and watch it. :D But ugh. Find me the person who did that to Young Saeng's hair and I will slaughter them with my bare hands. D: Jungmin looks soo cute in that cap though omg~



This PV is ... incredibly low budget. I swear they just stuck the boys in front of a green screen and told them to dance. But at least everyone looks really hot? :D♥ /shallow It's a really catchy song too and I've already proclaimed my love for it, so yeah. XD



Oh their Japanese videos I swear. They're all so cheap. Please to be putting some more money into their budget and giving them nicer PVs Pony Canyon? (Come on, what other artists do you have other than Ueto Aya or ... w-inds.) But at least in Japan everyone has really nice hair and looks super gorgeous. Anyway. I think this is another green screen. But the concept is kinda cute. Like they're toys or sth. Basically someone opens a box, they come out and start singing and dancing .... and that's pretty much all they do. They look gorgeous though. And how I wish I could get SS501 delivered to me in a box. :(


s h o w s / c l i p s ;

Okay for this section you're just getting youtube/veoh links since my limited HD doesn't allow for me to have them, I hate clubbox, and fuck as if I'm going to upload + cap them all. XD

'Kay so their shows. I've think I've even every subbed show of theirs that I could possibly find. Which is only like two. D: And you can bet that I probably would've watched their other shows in straight Korean even though I can't understand anything if it weren't for this evil thing called school and the fact that I fangirl a gazillion other boy bands besides them. That's how much I love them. But that's kind of besides the point.



So in this show, Park Kyung Lim basically goes to the boys' dorm and ... wakes them up. But it's ttly awesome. And by awesome I mean hilarious. Watch Kyu Jong sleep with strangers/a teddy bear about the size of him, Jungmin VIOLENTLY ATTACKING anyone who tries to wake up, Hyun Joong being the absolute deepest sleeper ever, Baby getting abused time and time again, and the manager being just as bad as them. \:D/ There's also an episode that pretty much shows you why they have so much trouble getting up in the morning like me rofl. And the whole thing is pretty much amazing. Oh, and in the final ep, the boys get to turn the tables on Park Kyung Lim and wake her up!



This show is just AWESOME, okay? Srsly. I love it so much. ♥ This is when they're in Japan preparing for their Japanese debut. In order to 'practice' their Japanese, they go on missions and stuff and it's very much made of win. The boys are just so incredibly dorky and cute and omg. I can't even begin to describe this show and all it's amazing moments. You're just going to have to watch it for yourself, okay? But it's awesome and you won't regret it. ♥

All of these episodes are in parts too, but I'm sure you're all smart enough to find those yourself and don't need me to find them right? If not then I don't want you in this fandom. D:



Okay, so I didn't like this show that much. I don't really like School of Rock in general and yeah. It wasn't all that interesting except for a few cute parts. I was also really annoyed at how the girls pretty much tried to molest the boys and crawl through their legs and stuff. I heard it's just as bad with Super Junior too. :/ The show just fails. Plus they just lip sync like everyone else in Korea. But! If you want to see the boys, it's as good as anything. And at least it's subbed, which is the the only good thing.



And here are just some random clips for you to see just how adorable these boys really are, not like the above just didn't do so.

In which they speak really fail Engrish. 8D;
I love it when boy bands speak try to speak English. It's so cute~ Now if only DBSK would do this for me, just Yoochun DOESN'T count. D:

Dance battle with CSJH!
I'm not going to discuss the results because that'll just spoil it rofl.

They win best dance award perform Unlock
Okay, so there's nothing really special about this clip. I just wanted to show off that they won an award (and beat DBSK, Super Junior, and Bi in the process! who I also love rofl). XD But they also perform one my favorite songs in addition.

Jungmin & Kyu Jong with Kim Heechul
I haven't seen this yet because I just found it and it's not subbed, but anything with SS501 + Heechul is going to be awesome, because Heechul instantly makes everything awesome and the boys are already made of win.

Watch this! I don't remember what this is from, but it's awesome. And it's only eight minutes long. First they fool around and then they perform Cinderalla rofl. They also dance to Beyonce and JT's Sexy Back. XD Jungmin also makes a really pretty girl~

Jungmin & Hyun Joong flicking each other on camera
So basically Hyun Joong and Jungmin are fooling around with each other and flicking each other while Young Saeng is being interviewed. And in the back, Kyu Jong sees the whole thing and pretty much laughs his ass off. XD

Kyu Jong and Jungmin dance to Wonder Girl's Irony
Pretty much what the title says rofl. And I think is before the whole "Tell Me" craze. They also look really pretty.

Hyung Joon kissing Young Saeng!
I'm sure some of you will love this. 8D

Cute clip with Leader and Jungmin
What the title says. XD

Here's them fooling around in a car
I think there's a subbed version of this but I'm too lazy to find it right now so you'll have to make due with the one I linked you. It's still cute either way. And they just essentially mess around in the car and make fun of Jungmin. Everyone has really pretty hair too. Srsly. They have the best hair out of all the boy bands ever.

Pillow Fighting
Here's them pillow fighting for real on the set of their Coward MV! I love how they're all such boys.

And that's it. I'm too lazy to go look for more. XD But everyone knows how to go to youtube and search for clips right? Just type in SS501 (or an individual member if you want) and a whole bunch of videos will pop up. If you want to live performances, be sure to type in 'SS501 live' because Korea likes to lip sync. Even DBSK does it. :/

i m a g e s ;

Pic spam time!

I'm not going to bother to name them all because yeah. If you want to know who someone is just ask lol. I should not be writing this post if I can't tell you.

And if you want, you can dl my entire SS501 image folder here [MF MIRROR] that I built up entirely for the purpose of this post. No fake. I am a loser. I wasted 3+ hours of my life gathering all these. Credits are all as tagged. I CLAIM NONE OF THESE. I wouldn't slap ugly watermarks all over my images anyway. :x

I also apologize for all the Leader and Jungmin bias. >> I can't help it. They're my two favorites, so yes. There are also quite a few Baby pics, but ugh, kid comes out nice in photos. And why am I calling him kid, he is OLDER than me. Whatever.

And that concludes my pimp post of the boys! Now go pimp out this post to all your friends and all their friends to spread the SS501 love 'cause these are boys are srsly awesome and deserve all the love they can get. :D ♥ This post won't work if no one sees it rofl. >>

Comments would be appreciated. Tell me what you think of this post/the boys. You can also tell me what a massive loser I am for writing all this up lmao. And give rly, give them a try! Tbh, I was a bit wary of trying them out because they weren't as popular as Super Junior or DBSK, but once I did they just completely won me over with how adorable they are. ♥ So give them a channccceeeee.

This is the epic post I was talking about flist. :')
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